Weight Loss – Get Slim, Stay Slim

6 Week Hypnotherapy & Coaching Programme

We will work together over 6 consecutive weeks to help increase your control over your eating habits, increase your motivation and focus, and recondition your mind and lifestyle so that you lose weight and maintain the control over your weight now and in the future.

You will receive:

  • 6 x one to one coaching & hypnotherapy sessions
  • A lifestyle meal planning guide
  • Regular texts & emails to support and focus you
  • Post programme support offers to ensure you keep the weight off

The style and content of this tailored programme… This is a no excuses, direct approach. Using life coaching, NLP and authoritarian hypnosis which involves giving direct suggestions to the unconscious mind. Each week builds on the last and is tailored to your individual needs.

Week 1: (90 mins) Setting the context for the programme. Foundation planning including, getting to know you, meal plans, and identifying your challenges.

Week 2: A combined coaching and hypnotherapy session including learning self-hypnosis and understanding motivational strategies.

Week 3: Tailored authoritarian hypnosis session, to help you take control of your eating habits.

Week 4: Tailored coaching and hypnotherapy session designed to support and drive your motivation further forward, helping you to be fully in control of your eating habits and driven to achieve your result.

Week 5: Tailored coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy session to embed the new habits and lifestyle change as well as motivating you to keep the weight off for good.

Week 6: During week 6 you will receive a further hypnotherapy and coaching session helping you to be fully in control and motivated moving forward and an opportunity to agree a maintenance and support plan after the programme.


The cost of the 6 week programme is £390 payable prior to week 1.

For more information or to book your course, contact Helen today.

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